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Outdoor Alabama Species Profiles

Since our chapter's inception in 2009, ALAPARC members have partnered with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to produce profiles of Alabama herpetofauna for ALDCNR's award-winning Outdoor Alabama website. These profiles are intended to provide accessible information for the public regarding basic ecology, identification, habitat, and conservation status of Alabama's remarkable amphibian and reptile species. The online information contained in these profiles is additionally one of the primary methods we have at our disposal for educating the public and increasing awareness about Alabama's diverse herpetofauna.

ALAPARC is still looking for herp experts to contribute profiles through our partnership with ALDCNR. "Expert" is a relative term, of course, so we welcome anyone with a strong familiarity of a particular species and a desire to condense knowledge from the scientific literature into an easy-to-read, jargon-free format for public consumption. Browse the spreadsheet linked below to view the species currently lacking profiles. If you're interested in being an author, contact Wally Smith at .

Download spreadsheet of species currently lacking profiles

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